Crosstraining, Strength And Conditioning

1. Helps Prevent Injury
2. Promotes Healthy Bones
3. Improved Posture and Mood
4. Enhanced Competitive Spirit
5. Increased Heart Health
6. Increased Metabolism
7. Develop Bond and Friendship with Great People


Combat Program, Boxing & Wushu

1. Improved Overall Body Coordination
2. Improve Aerobic and Anaerboic conditioning
3. Improved Confidence
4. Improved Mental Toughness and Resilience
5. Stress Reliever
6. Develop Bond and Friendship with Great People

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Day to Day Training

Lifting, Swings and Wallballs

Crosstraining is for everyone

Agility Work

Improved balance and co-ordination



Foot movement and Bag work


Warmup and Sparring


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